A 9/11 Prayer from my daughter, Taylor Sas

From Taylor Sas

In light of the natural disasters that have been so prevalent in these past weeks-whether they be Harvey or Irma or the earthquake in Mexico-the devastation and the lives lost as a result may draw away from the memory of the lives lost years ago on 9/11. 

We are never far away from great tragedy, but we are also never far away from great beauty. In the darkest of times, humanity shows its face by unifying to help those who have gone through life altering trauma. Hurricanes, terror attacks, and loss of life are devastating. But our ability to step forward to serve and to pray for those who have been hit harder than us, connects us in an amazing way. 

Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not become weary of doing good.” And 1 John 3:18 says, “Let us not merely say that we love each other, let us show the truth by our actions.” 
My prayers are with those in the Caribbean, in Mexico, in Texas, in Florida, those who are remembering their loved ones in the anniversary of a terrible day, and those across the globe whose struggles have not come to light.

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